Ice & Water Vending Machines

Filtered | Fresh | Clean
The Akoona Vend Station represents a giant leap forward in the ice industry. It makes and dispenses pure filtered ice directly into your own cooler or into a bag available at the machine.

Remote Management System

Our cutting edge technology of the Akoona ice and water vending system separates us by leaps and bounds from all others. Our comprehensive web-based monitoring and management system provides the telemetry data to make management of large numbers of machines a breeze.
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Find a Dealer

Looking to buy an ice and water vending machine? Want to know more about our company and process? Find a dealer nearest you to assist with your purchase of the best ice and water machine on the planet. An associate will contact you and walk you through the fun and easy process. Easy, reliable and stress-free maintenance and supply.
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Become a Dealer

We are currently expanding our distribution network and are looking for well capitalized business partners to market, sell and support our product around the globe. Add our product to your current vending line, or replacing your large inefficient ice factory and delivery truck fleet with 24/7/365 remote 'Mini-Ice Factories'.
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Ice and Water Vending

The Akoona Ice and Water vending machine is revolutionizing the retail ice industry. 

On-site, our equipment produces pure, fresh filtered ice and can dispense it into a plastic bag, or directly into a customers’ cooler.

With Akoona you’ll be free from expensive contracts with traditional ice suppliers, and enjoy earning at least 65% more in profits from your ice sales. Plus, you’ll also capture additional revenue on the sale of filtered water...all from just one machine. Your customers will enjoy convenient access 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with machines accepting both cash and credit cards.